Do you have to release employees on short notice, or wish to positively accelerate the separation process? Or are you yourself looking for a new professional challenge? If so, we can provide you with professional support in these areas.

The loss of a job and the associated separation process generally produce significant uncertainty amongst employers and employees alike. In this situation, it is important that you as a company act with tact and a high degree of professionalism. It is therefore advantageous to have the departure of an employee accompanied by a professional consultant.

We assist you with custom concepts and processes, helping you to fulfil your social obligations, and supporting you through the entire separation process. The employee affected receives professional assistance from us in reorientation, then facilitating an amicable and socially acceptable parting of ways.

For you, as the person affected by the departure, giving up an existing working relationship is a deep personal sacrifice, irrespective of whether the departure was initiated by you or your employer. Dismissal by the employer, for example a termination for operational reasons, often comes without clear advance warning, and can initially lead to a form of shock. But even terminating the employment relationship of one's own accord, for example due to a lack of perspectives or a poor working atmosphere, frequently leaves an emptiness that needs to be filled.

The aim of our newplacement consulting service is to provide you with professional support in letting go, so that with our help you can find a new professional orientation. To do this, we use our shared meetings with you to make a precise assessment of the current situation and target definitions, identify appropriate vacancies, and address these, before we initiate interviews and contract negotiations under our continuous supervision.

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