Are you looking for companies or company shareholdings, want to sell your company or plan your succession? If so, we can provide you with professional support in these areas.

We support clients in the acquisition and sale of companies and shares, and in arranging their management succession. In doing so, it is important both to take into consideration the interests of the buyer or successor, and those of the seller or the departing managing director, and to harmonise the generally divergent corporate cultures and interests.

The systematic analysis of the relevant market segment, the discreet contact with selected target firms, as well as an objective appraisal of the transaction object are vital prerequisites for the successful completion of M&A processes. Our experienced consultants handle these tasks for you, and help you to identify, analyse and utilise the opportunities and risks of a transfer in a targeted manner.

If you want to buy one or more companies, we will be happy to identify suitable purchases, and will support the subsequent acquisition process, from the market analysis to the signing of the purchase contract. Within the scope of the sale of a company, we help by searching for appropriate investors. In order to arrange your succession, by contrast, we join you in analysing whether an internal or external solution would be best for you.

Our individual consulting service offers the advantage that the target market is systematically analysed, target companies are discretely contacted, and your anonymity is ensured, particularly during the phase of approaching potential sellers and buyers. In addition, wasting time while waiting for occasional offers is avoided.

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