Are you hiring a new executive and want the integration process to go smoothly while strengthening the new employee’s long-term loyalty? If so, we can provide you with professional support in this phase, because we know what matters for executives in the initial phase.

Managers who move to a new company or assume a higher position in their existing firm are expected to familiarise themselves quickly and flexibly with their new tasks. They have to become acquainted with the new corporate culture, to assess their colleagues and superiors on a personal level, make contacts, and build up interpersonal networks. This situation will be all the more difficult if the executive is entering into a new hierarchy level, an unfamiliar field of business, or a new industry sector. Should newcomers fail to successfully communicate with their new colleagues in this phase, there is a risk that misunderstandings and tensions may arise in the team, ultimately resulting in their departure. The first months after joining the company are therefore decisive for the success of your new executive.

Our integration coaching offers you the advantage that any and all problems are identified earlier, and that the executive is smoothly integrated through the targeted development of the required skills, e.g. leadership and communication techniques. In addition, experience shows that the personal support helps them become aware of their increased competence, feel greater satisfaction and show higher motivation. Integration coaching thus offers you and your new employee the opportunity to rapidly meet each other halfway, reinforcing both sides' interest in a lasting working relationship. You avoid an expensive false start with the new executive and create a win-win situation for both sides.

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