Are you looking for high quality management staff, currently need top specialists, or are having difficulties with succession? If so, we can provide professional support in these areas.

For over 30 years, we have helped our clients to recruit top executives, and hence to sustainably increase the value of their companies and give them a decisive competitive advantage. Our key competence lies in recruiting executives and specialists by approaching them directly. Professional support in filling supervisory and advisory board positions rounds out our range of services. Our industry expertise and experience is of advantage here, as we are well placed to assess whether a candidate will be successful in the new position, and whether they will be well suited to the new company.

Our recruitment service covers all functional areas, from controlling and sales to production and general management. The positions we have filled are distributed over the corporate levels as follows:

  • 40% top management
  • 30% senior management
  • 30% specialists

Furthermore, we are receiving increasing numbers of requests to audit management successors from within the family or company, or to assist in recruiting an external successor.

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