Our core competencies lie in Executive Search and M&A consulting. Within the scope of our executive search services, we fill positions in top and senior management. In addition to this, our services are also increasingly sought-after when filling supervisory board positions. The network we have built up over many years allows us to find the right management staff and institutions within a short time. Alongside these services, we support our clients through the M&A processes of company transactions such as the purchase or sale of companies, or when a management succession is planned.

As a supplement to the executive search and M&A services, we also offer our customers integration coaching, supporting the new executive after a management position has successfully been filled. Conversely, when it is necessary after releasing an executive to provide the affected individual with psychological support, and to help them in finding new employment, companies or private individuals can utilise our services in the form of new placement consulting.

Here you can find more information about our core competencies:

Executive Search
Mergers & Acquisitions
Integration Coaching

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