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In response to the increasing global trend towards liberalisation of the markets, the energy industry has undergone profound changes in recent years. The energy companies that formerly operated within monopoly structures are today forced by liberalisation, consolidation, internationalisation, privatisation and statutory regulations to change their ways of thinking, and to act accordingly.

The move away from nuclear power, the requirement to generate electricity from renewable energy sources, increasing environmental awareness, and climate change, are leading to high pressure on prices and costs in the industry. For this reason, the companies are today confronted with the task of operating more efficiently than the competition, and simultaneously to open up new markets. In order to meet this challenge, companies in the industry require good staff, and above all executives and specialists.

We have been at home in the energy sector for many years, and are thus able quickly to identify candidates that meet your company-specific requirements. In addition, we support energy corporations and energy SMEs in the sale of shareholdings, and in their expansion projects.
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