An owner-managed SME in the mineral oil trading sector establishes contact with us. For reasons of advancing age, and due to the lack of a successor from within the family, the managing director wishes to sell the company. His objective is to maximise the sale price, with our help. At the same time, it should be ensured that the purchaser retains the company structure as far as possible, and that the long-term retention of the employees is assured.

We accompany the shareholder through all phases of the sale process: from defining an appropriate sale strategy, through market analysis and discretely approaching potential buyers, all the way to performance of the due diligence and the signing of the contract. Of course we also remain available to him as a confidential contact partner after the conclusion of the contract and during the company transition phase.

The result is the successful handling and conclusion of the project for all involved:

  • Our understanding of the mineral oil market allows us rapid, discrete and direct access to selected potential buyers.
  • Thus we are able to find several prospective buyers, ultimately allowing the purchase price and transaction process to be optimised for the seller.
  • Finding the "right" buyer allows us to ensure that the company structure can largely be retained, in accordance with the seller's wishes. This also means that the buyer recognises the necessity of retaining the existing employees in the long term in order to secure and further expand business in the region.
  • After the conclusion of the transitional phase, the now former shareholder confirms to us with a relieved smile that his life's work is in good hands.


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