The managing partner of a large energy trading company in the energy industry decides to retire, and to arrange a successor. The shareholders collectively decide to award us the mandate, as they believe that our many years of contacts as an industry specialist make us better placed to fill the position quickly..

Our Approach

In intensive discussions with the executive management and the HR committee of the company, a requirement profile was prepared. In addition, with our support the executive director and partnership contracts were updated to reflect current circumstances, as the long tenure of the departing colleague meant they were no longer up to date. In this context, the position was also partially redefined, and the arrangements for the powers of attorney of the executive management were rewritten. The search process then began, and was handled by approaching candidates directly.

The market research was handled by our research department. Contact was then made by our consultants responsible for the project. The contact and interview process took three months, followed by the first presentations. As the candidates were almost exclusively executives from within the industry, who were known to the staff of the company seeking a successor, for reasons of discretion these meetings were held outside the offices of our customer. Particular challenges and special requirements lay in the fact that the interests of the respective shareholders needed to be taken into consideration in the selection of the candidates. This demanded a high degree of tact and sensitivity in the selection and subsequent presentation of the candidates.

Of the five applicants, two were shortlisted. Two further, more intensive rounds of discussions were held with these two candidates, in conjunction with the HR committee. The subsequent negotiations with the top candidate lasted approx. 4 weeks before the contract was signed.

The result

We filled the position of managing partner within a total of five months. The candidate has since integrated excellently into the company, and the former managing partner was able to retire without worry after a further six months.

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