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    „We look at ourselves not only as a service provider for our customers and candidates, but as a partner at eye level.“


Partners at eye level

Our experience

Today we can look back on over 30 years of experience in executive search and M&A advisory, and make use of our profound knowledge of the industry and an extensive network of well established personal contacts. The interlinkage between the services and our extensive industry expertise furthermore give us a clear advantage over our competitors.

Since the founding of the company, we have worked as successful consultants for SMEs and corporations. The companies we support are active on both national and international levels.

Partners at eye level

We take responsibility, irrespective of whether a management position needs to be filled or a company transaction needs to be conducted, whether a manager requires coaching, or needs to be supported after his dismissal. During these activities, we consider ourselves not just to be providing a service to our customers and candidates, but as partners at eye level.

We specialise in the search for and selection of executives and in M&A advisory services for the energy and chemical industries. With more than 40 years of expertise and practical experience, we have developed a high level of understanding of the skills required by the executives and specialists these industries are looking for, and we know what really counts when transferring companies. We know the challenges faced by these industries, have comprehensive industry expertise, and have excellent contacts to well-known persons and companies within these industries. This is why we are able to find suitable solutions for our customers within a very short time.

Thanks to our many contacts with the decision-makers in the sectors related to the chemical and energy industries, however, our services are also frequently called upon by companies in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, and by the construction and real estate industries.

  • Barfeld & Partner Unternehmensberatung
    „The search and selection of executives, mergers & acquisitions as well as coaching and new placement advice - with a focus on the energy and chemical industries are our core competencies.“

    Claus-Peter Barfeld

For over 30 years, we have been supporting companies in finding the right executives and supporting them in company transactions. Our key competencies are identifying and selecting executives, mergers & acquisitions, integration coaching and newplacement consulting, with a focus on the energy and chemical industries. We are so successful in these areas because our team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in consulting and in the industries we support, and who have the necessary tact and persuasive power in dealing with our clients.

If you believe that with your skills you can (further) enrich our team, we will be delighted to hear from you.

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